Benefits To Purchasing A Previously Owned Set Of Wheels

Owning a car is a great way to experience transportation freedom, and buying a used car rather than a new car is also a great way to be money savvy. Many dealers offer pre owned vehicles that are certified, inspected, and even have extended warranties. This makes purchasing and owning a used car a smart investment, especially since new vehicles have rapid depreciation rates compared to older vehicles. CARFAX notes “According to current depreciation rates, the value of a new vehicle can drop by more than 20 percent after the first 12 months of ownership. Then, for the next four years, you can expect your car to lose roughly 10 percent of its value annually. This means that a new car can be worth as little as 40 percent of its original purchase price after five years.” 

Obviously purchasing a previously owned vehicle has benefits and advantages. Cars like Cincinnati OH pre owned Fords for sale or other cars will satisfy perspective shoppers. Whether drivers are looking for a small or large vehicle, there are plenty of available options. There are previously owned vehicles that can transport big groups of friends and ones that are fuel efficient. There are also models with great safety features and ratings. The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety has an easy to use website where specific information about everything from small cars to minivans and large trucks can be viewed. 

For shoppers you would like to upgrade to a newer used vehicle, there is always the option of doing a trade in. This is usually faster than attempting to do a personal sale of a car and this way the trade in and purchase of a different used vehicle can all be combined. Always be aware of current loan balances on trade in cars and also do research ahead of time to be knowledgeable about their value. CARFAX also offers a great way to check the value of both a currently owned vehicle as well as a perspective vehicle by entering a zip code and VIN number. 

Sometimes dealerships offer special sales and incentives. Just as it is a good idea to read reviews and safety ratings about vehicles, it is also a shrew practice to read dealership reviews. Also, always take a test drive of any perspective used vehicle. Although it can be tempting to do a same day purchase, some shoppers prefer to shop around and allow all of the information to settle before moving forward with an actual purchase. After making a purchase, be sure to update all information with the insurance company. When communicating with the insurance company, verify if gap insurance is suggested. Luckily, it is usually something suggested more for new vehicle purchases but it is best to cover all of your bases. 

When the purchase is made and insurance is in place, enjoy your previously owned vehicle. Having a personal set of wheels means not depending on public transportation, friends, or a taxi service. It is a great feeling and a wise financial move.