Choosing Between Open and Enclosed Car Transport

Wondering what is car shipping? Car or Auto shipping is the act of moving your car from one destination to the other by the use of a car carrier or car transportation services. Choosing the type of carrier that is best for your vehicle depends on the type, make and model of the automobile and of course your personal preference. The type of carrier chosen will also help to determine how safely your vehicle reaches its destination.

Open Car Transport

Open car transportation refers to your vehicle being shipped on an open carrier. As the name suggests, the motor vehicles are usually open for viewing by the public on this type of carrier and typically they have two racks, one on top of the other so that cars can carry both on top and at the bottom. These types of carriers allow for driving the vehicle onto the trailer, and loading non-running cars using a winch. Open auto carriers are the first choice and the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. This method of car transportation is best suited for vehicles that are not considered high end, vintage or classic.

Open car transportation may also be preferred because of the speed and cost. Due to the fact that multiple vehicles can be carried at once, it prevents the carrier from making multiple trips which would result in delays. Especially along more popular routes 10-12 customers would receive their vehicles on the same day. The way how open carriers transport vehicles means less expense on the part of the customer. The carrier is shared and so is the cost. Vehicles moved on open car transport carriers may be exposed to weather elements such as sun, rain, snow, dust and possibly to road debris.

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed car transportation also known as covered car transport is the very opposite of open car transportation. In this method of shipping, the vehicle is transported in an enclosed container and is not visible to the public. It is also protected from weather elements such as rain, snow, sun and particulate such as dust. Due to the privacy which this kind of transportation allows for it is usually recommended for the following:-

  • Transporting cars to be Auctioned
  • Cars that are Exotic
  • Auto Show Cars
  • Vintage Car Transport
  • Cars that are considered Antique
  • Classic Cars

This method of transportation is usually a bit more costly because of the privacy it offers. It also does not transport as many vehicles at once so the cost of the carrier is not shared or shared with fewer persons. This shipping method does offer protection from weather elements such as sun, rain and snow.

Ultimately the type of carrier you choose has to do with the type of vehicle you are transporting, the purpose, your preference and how much you are willing to pay.