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Four Things to know Before Switching to LED Headlights

Headlights are an essential element of every vehicle, increasing the drivers’ visibility during the day and absolutely necessary for driving at night. Every car comes equipped with a set of headlamps from the manufacturer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t replace them with a new model.

Car technology is developing in a fast manner, resulting in an energy-efficient type of front lights called LED. These headlamps produce light by using light-emitting diodes which act as a semi-conductor and convert the electricity.

Plenty of people whose cars have halogen or HID lights wish to replace them with LED mainly due to their longevity. On the other hand, some people decide to stick to the oldest type of halogen bulbs because they are the cheapest, while others who already switched to the second model of HID lights, don’t wish to make another change.

HID vs LED Headlight Bulbs – which one is best for you? If you already have HID bulbs and you hesitate about replacing them with LEDs, read the following facts about light-emitting diode bulbs and make a final decision.

Excellent energy-efficiency

These lights are known for being the most energy-efficient headlamps invented so far. The other models produce a lot of heat during the process of transforming electricity into illumination. However, LEDs only transform electricity, without producing heat along with it, maybe just 5 per cent of all the energy they employ.

Even that small amount of heat they generate is regulated by their cooling system, which protects the headlamps from any damage done to them by overheating. This type of system is exclusive to LED bulbs; the other models don’t have one despite the high amount of heat they generate.

Their low consumption of energy, leads to decreased consumption of fuel. Therefore, switching to this new innovative model will be also beneficial to your pocket.

Incredible brightness

LED bulbs provide brightness of more than 3000 lumens and most of them create the light power of these headlights. What makes light-emitting bulbs unique is the fact that they don’t let the light scatter in directions where it’s not needed. Instead, they focus the brightness in the right direction by using projectors as headlight components, which serve to provide a greater light focus.

Although, these projector headlights are still common just for luxury vehicles, with the fast development of LED technology, they will be available for all the other models of autos in near future. Visit this page to read more about their characteristics.

The other types, such as halogens and HIDs don’t have this feature and their luminosity is often transformed into other types of energy.

Greater longevity

The lifespan of the other models such as halogen and HID lights is nothing in comparison with the one of LEDs.  They are fully capable of reaching 30,000 working hours, which can result in a lifespan of thirteen years. Naturally, the number of years will depend on how much you use your vehicle.

Their longevity is beneficial not just for your budget, but also for the environment. When it comes to your budget, LED headlamps cost more than the other types, but you have a very high return on investment as you won’t have to replace them at least for a decade.

It also proves as a benefit for the environment, as manufacturers would produce less lights and this leads to less plastic packaging and transport from the factories to the retailers. If you want to gather more information on their environmental benefits, click on the following link:

Extreme stability

Apart from the cooling system, these lights employ waterproof, shockproof and ballast system. The first one prevents even small water drops to cause damage. The second one prevents damage caused by bumps in case of accidents and the last one provides stability in terms of regulating the amount of electricity.

Wrap up

If you are looking for energy-efficient, stable, luminous and long-lasting headlights, LED is the right choice for you.

You’ll use them for a long period of time, save money on extra fuel or purchasing new bulbs and protect the environment at the same time. What else do you need?