How to Prevent Your Car from Rusting

Rusting is a process that affects all metals and it changes not only the appearance of your car but also its physical properties. Car Smart will help you with products that can prevent your car from rusting but that is not enough.

Once your car rusts, the damage is permanent - The Globe and Mail

The primary material used to make cars is metal. With enough time and exposure to the elements, metal will corrode but you do have a say in how extensive the rust is or even prevent it.

Preventing your vehicle from rust will obviously increase its aesthetic appeal. It will also help it retain its structural integrity.

You can prevent your car from rust by doing the following:

Regular Rust Inspections

The most effective way to prevent rust is to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t have it. As soon as you see rust spots on your car, prevention is no longer an option.

Your wheels are the parts of your car that are exposed to the most wear and tear. They should be one of the places you first check for rust. You will have to remove the wheels to inspect the wheel well.

 Areas your car’s body components meet such as the door frame are also very prone to rusting. Bubbling paint in this area is often symptomatic of rust.

Also check your car’s underside regularly for rust.

Wash Your Care More Frequently

If you want to keep your vehicle free from rust, you must keep it clean. After washing your car, you should ensure to dry it completely as rust can develop on any moist or wet surface.

Things that make a car dirty are many and can cause corrosion. For example, bird poop may seem harmless may it contains acidic elements that may corrode your car’s paint and lead to rust.

Washing your care more often will ensure that all the dangerous components that may cause rusting are washed away. It is not only about frequency but also how comprehensive the cleaning is.

Dry Wet Surfaces

As stated above, after cleaning any part of your car, you should wipe it down and ensure that it is completely dry. The more water you allow to sip into the nooks and crannies of your car, the more likely it is to rust.

You need to use microfiber towels to dry both the exterior and interior of your car. They have a higher liquid absorption rate than other towels and will ensure your car is dry.

Using wax or lacquer after drying your car will prevent water from reaching the metallic parts of the car.

Address Rust Spots Immediately

One time or another you will find rust spots on your vehicle. Though prevention is no longer possible, you will need to act fast to prevent the rust from spreading.

The earlier you treat rust spots on your car, the sooner you can completely eradicate the problem. If you wait too long, the integrity of your car will suffer.

You can address rust spots by repainting your vehicle so that it has a layer of protection. You may also utilize rust repair kits which will remove the rust and smoothen the car.

If you do the above things, your car should be rust free till you decide to sell it or take it to the junk yard. Either way, you will certainly enjoy your car more than if it was rusted.