Indications Of Bad Brake Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is the most essential part of a vehicle’s braking system. Sometimes, the brake master cylinder can also fail due to various reasons. In this article, we are going to tell you people the most common symptoms of a failing brake master cylinder that you need to know before you buy or sell any car in Dubai, USA or anywhere else.

Brake Warning Light Turns On

When you press the brake pedal, it pushes a rod in the brake master cylinder along with the pistons that are present in the cylinder. The pushing removes brake fluid and sometimes directs the fluid through the different brake circuits. The fluid then moves through the brake lines in the wheel. One of the earliest signs of a brake failing master cylinder is the warning light of the Brake. It is the initial symptom that informs you about the issues in your braking system. It indicates a reduction in brake fluid pressure.

Moreover, a bad brake master cylinder is not the only reason for turning on the warning light. At the bottom of the brake fluid tank, is a brake fluid level sensor. It corresponds with the car’s computer to tell it if the fluid tank contains an accurate amount of fluid or not. Sometimes the sensor can also fail and sends the wrong information to the car’s computer. Thus brake warning light turns on. If you try and sell your car in Dubai which these mechanical issues, it may leave a bad impact of you and your car.

The small amount of brake fluid can also lighten the warning indicator. The light also signifies that you have a leak somewhere in the brake circuit. You can avoid this problem by filling the tank with brake oil. This should make the symptom go away. Still, it comes back, then there must be a potential problem with your brake master cylinder or some kind of leakage. While buying or if you are going to sell your car Dubai or anywhere else, check everything before making a deal.

Brake Fluid Leak

The master cylinder contains the brake oil or fluid that you put in the tank. The purpose of brake oil is to activate the different brake systems. The brake master cylinder remains under the brake fluid reservoir. You should check if there is a leak in the proportioning valves that connects the different brake circuits of your car. or the fluid control valves or not. You can also check oil leakage under the car below the position of the master cylinder. Check if there is any indication of a leak coming from this part of the brake system. Make sure to make your car mechanically fit before to sell any car in Dubai.

Spongy Feel of the Brake Pedal

Another significant symptom of a bad brake master cylinder is a spongy response of the brake pedal. Normally, the brake pedal feels firm. This is equivalent to the amount of force that you apply to the brake pedal. The brake pedal joins the master cylinder through a push rod. The master cylinder generates the accurate hydraulic pressure to activate the brakes in the front and rear wheels. If there is a problem them you may notice a very spongy response in the brake pedal.

The reason for the spongy response of the brake is worn-out rubber seals. If the rubber seals get damaged, then it resulted in an internal leak and cause the brake pedal spongy and soft. The presence of air in the car’s brake lines may also damage the car. Damage to the brake lines can also result in a soft feel on the brake pedal.

Contaminated Brake Fluid

Damaged or cheap rubber seals may lead to contamination of the brake oil. Dirt, wreckage, and other particles can enter through the small opening of the broken rubber seal. These particles can mix with the brake fluid and thus it reduces the hydraulic pressure. Due to this, it becomes difficult to stop the car. It may take some time to slow down the car. This can have significant implications when driving. If the vehicle in front of you makes a sudden stop, you might hit its rear because of the less stopping distance of your car. So, if for some reason, you plan to sell any car, the accidental cars pay less. 

Sinking Brake Pedal

One of the symptoms of a failure of the brake master cylinder is a sinking brake pedal. When you press the brake pedal, it should return to its normal position the moment you release it. But in a sinking pedal, it no longer returns to its original position and it stays close to the floor. Sometimes it may still go back up. This is a serious issue. You should be careful while driving your car if you have a sinking brake pedal.

If you notice these kinds of symptoms in your car. Moreover, if your car is having this kind of issues then it becomes difficult for you to sell your car in Dubai or somewhere else. You should check your car from a mechanic at once.