Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

Squeaky brakes can happen for a multitude of reasons, influenced by different conditions when driving. It’s important to build up your knowledge on what can cause squeaky breaks, so that you know how to fix them before further damage is caused to your safety and those around you on the road. 

Our guide at CarParts4Less will take you through the various causes of why your brakes are squeaking and how you can possibly fix them. 

Driving Conditions 

The first thing to take a look at are your driving conditions on the road. Some factors such as weather and road conditions are out of your control, so there is not much to be done with a bit of cold weather that can cause brakes to squeak. Likewise, bumpy or poorly maintained roads are sometimes unavoidable depending on your circumstances. Be wary of potholes however, as these can cause severe damage to brake and suspension systems in vehicles. Try and position your car over them when driving so you avoid the wheels taking the full force. 

In the winter months, prepare your brake system by using winter tyres with a tread of 3mm to maintain a safe stopping distance to cars ahead of you in icy conditions. This will aid your steering and also reduce the strain on your brakes.  

Heavy Loads 

As the pressure on a vehicle increases, the harder the brakes have to work to maintain traction on the road. Take a look at how heavy the load is on your car: do you have a lot in the boot? Or something on the roof attached by a roof rack? This can all contribute to how hard your brakes might be working. 

Brake Pads 

The brake pads in your car slow down the vehicle by applying pressure against the wheel. Over time, this will result in the pads becoming worn down, which is completely natural. The metal pad will eventually start to grind against the disc inside the brake caliper, causing the squeaking. 

This is one of the most common causes of squeaky brakes and can be fixed either manually with a pair of helping hands or a trained mechanic. Check out our handy guide on how to change brake pads if you want to try and tackle it yourself. 

How To Fix Squeaky Brakes

Whilst many of the causes of squeaky brakes don’t need to be worried about in the long run, having this encyclopaedia will hopefully keep you prepared and informed. 

If you are ever in doubt, it helps to get a second opinion from a trained mechanic who can possibly steer you in the right direction should further work be required. 

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