Accessories for Jeep Cars, These Are the Recommendations!

Jeep is arguably one of the legendary brands from the United States. This brand, which has existed since 1941, has since become part of Chrysler since 1987. In Indonesia, this Jeep brand is considered to have a macho design and match the character of the streets here. So jeeps from old to young are almost easy to find.

Usually, Jeep owners also make modifications to their favorite car. One way is to add functional accessories or just style. Approximately, what accessories can be used to make this Jeep cooler? If Carmudian has a Jeep at home, he can pair some of the following additional car accessories.

Custom Bumpers

As an SUV, it won’t feel right if you haven’t replaced the standard bumper with a custom bumper made of iron or aluminum. By modifying this bumper, you can change the appearance of the car almost 100% to be much cooler and more stylish. The bumper that you can use can actually be chosen, whether you want a custom alias to adjust the model and taste or buy it in full from an aftermarket brand.
If you want to install a custom bumper, you can choose the design, bumper material, bumper thickness and of course the price will also be different compared to aftermarket bumpers. The advantage of the custom bumper itself is in its design which is definitely different from that of other people.


The second accessory that can be used to make a Jeep car look cool is the winch. This winch is a motor that is useful for pulling loads. Usually this motor is mounted on the front and rear of the car. Winch is also very helpful when used to play offroad. If the car is stuck and cannot go, the winch will be a lifesaver to pull the car so that it can pass through obstacles that are very difficult.

Foot Step or Footrest

Foot steps or footrests on Jeep cars are usually accessories that also get modifications quite often. In general, Jeep cars are not equipped with footrests on the side. In fact, the foot steps or footrests for this Jeep car are very helpful so that passengers and the driver can get into the car easily because the car’s ground clearance is quite high.
There are various kinds of options that can be chosen by Jeep car owners. You can make custom footrests or you can also use aftermarket ones. Another option that can be used is to use a footrest from another Jeep variant.


The fourth point seems to be the most frequently replaced accessory by car owners around the world. Yep, changing the rim can also change the appearance of the car to be 100% cooler and more stylish. The owners of these Jeep cars often replace the factory default rims with cool rims to change the appearance of the car. There are those who reduce the size, there are also those who increase the size of the rim depending on the modification concept taken by the car owner.