Thousands of Cars Failing New MOT Rules

The majority of motor vehicles must be subjected to an annual MOT test once they are three years old – a nerve-wracking experience for owners of older cars.

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Passing the test got trickier last year when new stricter rules were rolled out by the government. In turn this has led to a significant spike in the number of failures that are being recorded across the country.

Problems Revealed

Figures show that almost 200,000 more MOT test failures occurred in the immediate aftermath of the rollout of the changes last year than had done in the quarter leading up to this deadline, according to the Sun.

This is significant because the primary purpose of the test is to make sure that vehicles are safe for use on public roads. Until a pass is achieved, a car which fails cannot legally be driven without the likelihood of the person …

Reasons to Buy a Used Car from a Local Dealer

Have in mind that buying a car is one of the most important purchases that you will make. Similarly, as if you were buying a house, the vehicle is also a high-value asset that you have to rely on it for years after purchase.

That is the main reason why you should do your homework, and avoid doing it will cost you much more in the long run.

The car industry is challenging to understand because you will find numerous snakes around you, which means that you have to know that a vehicle you wish to purchase is right, reliable and good for your needs and requirements.

You can find dealerships for used car sales all across the USA, but the best thing that you can do is to consider a reputable dealer from your neighborhood.

1. You Do Not Wish To Spend Entire Fortune To Get A Car That

Toyota Introduces Solar Power To Electric Vehicles´╗┐

Toyota is creating electric vehicles which can use sun based boards for Quant 48volt power. This is the first occasion when that Toyota is utilizing sun found vitality, an extraordinary inexhaustible wellspring of energy to charge electric batteries in half and half vehicles.


Sun based boards are being mounted on each finish of new Toyota electric autos to draw sustainable power source from the sun. This isn’t the first run through sun based vitality has been presented as a wellspring of life to control autos. It is conceivable to make a sun-based fueled Latest Car News yet there are exchange offs with regards to speed. To the extent utilizing it for controlling electric batteries found in half and half cars, there is a significant worry concerning regardless of whether the sun will almost certainly give enough capacity to charge the battery.

Sunlight based controlled strategies have been utilized for fueling …

´╗┐Choosing Between Open and Enclosed Car Transport

Wondering what is car shipping? Car or Auto shipping is the act of moving your car from one destination to the other by the use of a car carrier or car transportation services. Choosing the type of carrier that is best for your vehicle depends on the type, make and model of the automobile and of course your personal preference. The type of carrier chosen will also help to determine how safely your vehicle reaches its destination.

Open Car Transport

Open car transportation refers to your vehicle being shipped on an open carrier. As the name suggests, the motor vehicles are usually open for viewing by the public on this type of carrier and typically they have two racks, one on top of the other so that cars can carry both on top and at the bottom. These types of carriers allow for driving the vehicle onto the trailer, …

Finding The Best Auto Insurance For You

If you own a vehicle then having auto insurance is an absolute must. Most states, including Florida, require auto insurance. You could face financial disaster without it if you were to cause a serious accident and then were sued.

Auto insurance will also pay to repair your car if it is damaged as a result of a natural disaster, like wildfire or hail, a crash, or if the vehicle is stolen or vandalized. The following are some things to look for when searching for auto insurance palm coast fl

Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage

Liability insurance. Most states required that a minimum level of property damage and bodily injury liability coverage be carried. This type of insurance pays for the injuries and damage of others when you have caused an accident.

Underinsured motorist and uninsured motorist insurance coverage kicks if when you are hit by a driver who either doesn’t …