Chips, Dings, Scratches, Scrapes, and Cracks-Windshield Repair Is Important for The Safety Of Your Family

Repair or replacement doesn’t have to be a chore. We have all seen it; a chip in the glass of a car or truck that eventually becomes a characteristic of the vehicle. Usually, the culprit was a small rock hurtling towards your face driving down the highway. In most circumstances, the small projectile is stopped by the windshield in front of you, thankfully. More often than not, the chip is left without repair. Unfortunately, those small chips can bring future issues you may not be aware of. The windshields today are a special type of glass, specifically for shatter-resistance, aerodynamics, and of course, safety. However, once the integrity of this material is compromised, it is no longer as strong and durable as manufacturer’s recommend. The fact is that once you have a chip, the intended safety of the glass is degraded and can lead to large cracks later.

Windshield Pitting Degrades the Safety of Your Vehicle.

So what is pitting anyway? Pitting is usually a gradual wear and tear of the glass in your vehicle. There are circumstances that can cause immediate pitting, such as driving in sandstorms (this is similar to sandblasting your glass!), gravel and salt on roadways, and extreme weather conditions. For most automobile owners, it is a series of bumps, scratches, and incidentals that occur over years. Once this occurs, it can lead to poor visibility especially when driving towards bright lights like the sun. Each tiny pit reflects the light like a prism, and can be blinding.

What Happens When A Windshield Loses Its Integrity?

Did you know that the windshield in today’s vehicles are a very unique part of the structural rigidity of the automobile itself? If the windshield is undamaged, it provides a crucial role in keeping your family safe. The windshield helps keep the car as stable as possible during an automobile accident. If the windshield is broken, the roof caves in very easily, and other structural damage is imminent in a rollover or crash. Severe pitting is very dangerous and should be addressed as soon as possible, By contacting an expert for auto glass replacement Cincinnati Oh. Not only is it dangerous in collisions, the visibility is so low that the pitting alone can cause a crash!

Someone Shot A BB Through My Windshield! What Do I Do?

The truth is, a bullseye crack or hole in a windshield is very common. Most insurance companies will cover the repair or replacement, with no out-of-pocket costs. However, if you do not have full coverage insurance or you wish to leave your insurance company out of the loop, inform the auto glass repair professional so that he or she can give you an appropriate cash-price estimate. Mobile auto glass repair and replacement companies offer to bring their services to you. If you are at home, at a hotel or at work, they will come to you and repair or replace your damaged windshield. If you have damage, it is imperative to call and schedule an evaluation today.