Don’t Make the Wrong Choice, Consider These 4 things When Buying New Tires

There are times when car tires must be replaced with new ones for several reasons such as broken, erupted, or indeed the owner of the car is less appetite with factory default tires and want to replace with another brand a new tire. Whatever the reason, the replacement of new tires should not be done randomly. When buying a new tire, you may not just buy and choose the origin, because the tire that will be installed in the car is closely related to the aspects of comfort and safety. The wrong choice in tires can have undesirable adverse effects.

Here are 4 things you should consider when buying new tires for your favourite car, both the same brand with your car’s default tire and tires with different brands:

1. As needed

It is also important to consider when buying a new tire that adjusts to your needs. Cars that are only used for daily needs with a standard load are different from cars for heavy transportation. Similarly, cars used for ordinary roads are different from cars used for off-road roads such as in rural areas with fairly heavy road conditions without asphalt. The selection of new tires must consider this or other needs. Clearer details, you can consult with a mechanic or consult with one of Brisbane tires service providers.

2. Tire size

Different types and categories of cars are also different sizes of tyres used. Before deciding to buy a new tire, first consider the type and size of the original tire. Look for the tire information placard in the car in the door or drawer or lid of the fuel tank. If you have trouble finding information on the internet for tyres that match the specifications of your car. If you’re still having trouble, visit the nearest dealer and ask for the type and size of the tire that fits. Like Discount Brisbane Tyres.

3. Tire tread width and pattern

The width and pattern of the tire tread affect driving performance and comfort. Pay attention to how wide your original tire is. If you want to make a replacement, it should be the same size or wider because the tire grip is getting better, not a thin tire (thin tread). The pattern or development of the tire also needs attention. Tire patterns for areas with high rainfall intensity differ from areas with low rainfall. Pattern V is better for areas that are often rainy because it has the advantage of dispelling water on wet roads.

4. Tire thickness

Car manufacturers have made various aspects in determining the thickness of the tires on their cars, and that is also standard and recommended. When you want to buy a new tire to replace it, pay attention to the thickness of the tire so it is not smaller or thinner.