Smart Garbage Trucks : A Small Step Towards a Sustainable Future.




Have you heard about smart garage trucks? Now to many of you out there, a common query might arise and very rightly so. What is a smart garbage truck? How can a garbage truck be smart? Well hold that thought, cos here goes, we’re breaking it down for you.

With the internet growing larger and larger day by day, everything is reduced to numbers and minimized using statistics. However, in today’s day and age, what we had failed to realise was that millions and millions of dollars were being spent toward the cause of garbage disposal, but none of it was actually even helping. Just then GreenQ Technologies came by and decided to kickstart a business that would help address the issue and hopefully resolve it to an extent. That’s when the Internet of garbage or Smart Garbage trucks were born.


With the world headed towards a conglomeration of smart cities, waste disposal is going to be an integral part of it. So what is a smart garbage truck, you might ask — It’s a complex process, but here’s a fairly simple understanding of the same. A monitoring device is installed on the garbage trucks whereas the garbage bins are installed with a simple RFID. A tracking device is then installed on the garbage trucks that weighs the incoming waste and predicts the garbage production rate. How does this help? This process ensures optimization of garbage disposal as well as helps in inflicting cost effective, immediate solutions that will enable not just municipalities but also residents of areas with great population density to enjoy good ROI.


This  GreenQ technology was first tested in Israel and proved to be effective. The purpose of adopting such a technology was not just to reduce CO2 emissions, but also to reduce diesel consumption, reduce overall working time as well as cancel a whole day from the weekly collection cycle. Although this might seem like a small outcome, what we need to remember is that every step counts.


With trash cans overflowing with more and more waste day by day, and residents complaining of health hazards, monitoring these issue through the layman is next to impossible, also making way for tons of human error probability. Traditional methods are just another cumbersome way that’ll lead to raised costs and efforts and therefore, this technologically managed system, is sure to do the  job whilst ensuring bang on smart waste management. What more does one need, right?


Smart garbage trucks are just a small step towards a sustainable, cleaner and healthier future and although there might be slight hiccups along the way, it’s a cause that will definitely make a slight difference.