The Growth of the Trucking Industry


There’s a common misconception that the trucking industry hasn’t seen much progress in recent years. Many tend to view it as an outdated career field with little to offer in terms of growth and progression. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The demand for qualified truck drivers and industry professionals is only growing as the need for solid distribution networks increases. More and more shops, e-commerce sites, and businesses are relying on the industry to ship their products nationwide. Here’s a look at how the trucking industry is growing.

Taking Advantage of Technology


If you thought that self-driving cars were the wave of the future, you’ll be surprised to learn that the trucking industry is making strides towards taking advantage of this technology. Tesla has recently invested a fair amount of capital into the development of automated fleet vehicles. While the availability of these trucks for commercial use is still a long ways off, their electric counterparts are heading down the pipeline. This would be a big win for an industry that’s frequently been criticized for its heavy reliance on fossil fuels and oil. Plus, it’s a novel idea to picture driverless delivery trucks swinging by your house!

The trucking industry is also making use of software developments as well. Tools like FleetPal Connect are applications designed with trucking in mind. They provide solutions to common pressure points like asset management as well as fleet maintenance. Gone are the days were manual dispatches were the only option. Now, resources, help tickets, and maintenance requests are available at the tips of drivers’ fingers.

One of the biggest features of these new applications is repair and warranty tracking. These greatly reduce a truck’s downtime in the unfortunate event of a breakdown as it’s easier to forecast when repairs will be made. These new apps and software tools are streamlining the carrier process from dispatch to delivery which will only help to cut costs and wait times.

An Expanding Workforce


Truck driving isn’t a career that most people consider pursuing. However, it’s an excellent option for high school graduates that are unsure of post-secondary education or for those seeking a career change. This is due in large part to the ever-growing need for truckers. A majority of businesses with physical products rely on distribution networks to get their goods shipped across the country. As such, the increased demand for qualified drivers has led to some solid career perks.

One of these perks is the growth of short haul availability. If you’ve ever had an interest in truck driving but were unsure of the long hours and the lengthy hauls spent away from home, you’re in luck. More carriers are offering in-town delivery routes that operate more like traditional jobs in the sense that you’ll be back in the comfort of your own home each evening. Other perks include significant salary bumps, benefits, and on-off schedules for longer hauls. It’s truly never been a better time to consider joining the industry.

The driver shortage has also led to increased job security, especially from the big name carriers as they’re always looking to hire and retain top talent. Also, since trucking is ubiquitous nowadays, it also allows for a lot of freedom of location. If you’re looking to move to a new region, chances are you’ll have a job lined up.

A Booming Industry


While the trucking industry may seem like a thing of the past, that’s only because it’s been quietly looking towards the future. From an increased focus on technological integration to greater provisions for workers, the industry has been doing its utmost to maintain its positive upward trajectory.