5 Steps to Take If You’re in a Car Accident


It’s after 10pm, and you’re driving home after a work banquet. It was a black tie affair, and your white lace dress was perfect for the occasion. While you’re thinking about the people you met and the delicious food you ate, headlights suddenly appear in your lane of traffic. Before you can think, you find yourself in a head-on collision with a drunk driver.


This situation happens more often than you might think. Between 20 and 50 million people are injured in car accidents every single year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They also estimate that the average person will experience four car accidents in their lifetime, even if the accidents are minor. Even minor accidents are discombobulating experiences, and you’re more likely to think clearly and act appropriately if you’re prepared. So, here are a few steps you should take if you’re ever in …

What to Do When You Get into a Car Accident


Car accidents are stressful situations, and it’s easy to get so caught up in moments like these that you can’t remember what you’re supposed to do. If you familiarize yourself with the right steps to follow after an accident, it will be easier to remember what to do should such a situation ever occur.

Stop and Decide

Stop your car if it has been involved in an accident. Once you’ve stopped, decide whether you need to call the police and get help. You must do so if someone has been injured or killed, there is significant damage to one or both vehicles or to surrounding property, if a driver is uninsured, or if a pedestrian or cyclist was involved


If none of the above are true, you can leave after exchanging information with other drivers. You must still report the accident to the Collision Reporting Centre within a …

Smart Garbage Trucks : A Small Step Towards a Sustainable Future.




Have you heard about smart garage trucks? Now to many of you out there, a common query might arise and very rightly so. What is a smart garbage truck? How can a garbage truck be smart? Well hold that thought, cos here goes, we’re breaking it down for you.

With the internet growing larger and larger day by day, everything is reduced to numbers and minimized using statistics. However, in today’s day and age, what we had failed to realise was that millions and millions of dollars were being spent toward the cause of garbage disposal, but none of it was actually even helping. Just then GreenQ Technologies came by and decided to kickstart a business that would help address the issue and hopefully resolve it to an extent. That’s when the Internet of garbage or Smart Garbage trucks were born.


With the world headed towards …

What to know about Auto Tinting


Sunlight and glare in our eyes can really impair our driving while on the road or highway. That’s why many people opt to install window tinting on all of their car’s windows. For some, tint brings about a certain elegance to our vehicles and makes them private. Window tinting has been around for years and many don’t go without it. If you live in a sunny area, window tint is probably a highly needed accessory to your car. Tint is known to block nearly 99 percent of the sun’s rays which can impact not only us but our passengers. If you are thinking about adding tint to your car, consider these tips.


Familiarize yourself with window tinting and how it works, then do as much research as you can. Never settle and go to the first shop you see, until you have a good grasp on what goes …

Insurance Auto Insurance

Auto InsuranceIt isn’t easy to look the very best insurance company in your car, however the individuals should never lose hope. It is most common for an insurance coverage agent to listen to questions like which are the most effective auto insurance coverage corporations? Or which company offers most protection in the minimum premium.

Today the man relies a lot on to the auto vehicles. The auto automobiles enable the person to simply alter from one place to another. In fact within the present scenario of as we speak the auto automobiles are stated to be the spine of the current world economic system. it’s hence at all times in the best interest of the particular person to timely get essentially the most desirable auto car that will enable the particular person to easily alternate from one place to other. With the course of event the numeral of citizens counting on …